Learn about the complete seasons of Taylor's Attic below!

Season One

  Episode 101: Lost

Taylor comes to the attic looking for a lost 10-foot pole, but the project turns into a search party when he and the puppets realize that Rocco the roach is missing. They each take turns talking about how much they miss Rocco now that he's gone. In the end, they realize the importance of friendship and Taylor reminds the characters that it’s important to tell your friends how you feel about them.

Featured Songs: “Invisible Man,” “Yellow Roach of Texas,” “We Miss You Rocco”

  Episode 102: Doctor! Doctor!

In this episode, Juliette shares her fear of doctors and nurses, and Taylor admits he’s clumsy. So, Taylor teaches the gang how to eat healthily, exercise, be safe and avoid accidents. He also teaches everyone that it doesn't matter whether you are knocked down; the important thing is that you get right back up.

Featured Songs: “I’m A Klutz,” “Get Back Up Again,” “You Are What You Eat”

  Episode 103: Take Out the Garbage

Taylor walks into the attic to find the attic gang playing with garbage. He quickly learns that what he thinks is garbage, may be someone else’s treasure. Together, Taylor and the puppets decide what things in the attic will be reused, recycled, donated or sold, all while learning how to take care of the planet.

Featured Songs: “I Feel Smelly,” “Garbage,” “I’m Your Trash Man”

  Episode 104: Pack Your Bags

Taylor goes to the attic to find his travel bag for a big trip. He tells his friends about all of the things you can see when you travel. He also teaches them to use their imagination so that even if they can’t go on a trip, all they need is their imagination to go to far-away and interesting places.

Featured Songs: “Sumo Love New York,” “I Ate Some Jerky In Turkey,” “Gotta Take It, Gotta Have It”

  Episode 105: School Daze

In this episode, Taylor shares stories about his school days with the rest his friends in the attic. He talks about how important it is to keep trying and to work hard, even if you only get average grades. Taylor also helps everyone understand peer pressure and teaches them to never let other people influence their actions.

Featured Songs: “Punctuation Man,” “C-Plus Kid In A B-Plus World,” “I Know A Lot”

  Episode 106: Attic Games

When all of the pieces to their games are missing, Taylor and the puppets use their creativity to make up a new game called “Attic-opoly.” In the end, Taylor and the characters realize that the point of playing games is not whether you win or lose; the point is to have fun.

Featured Songs: “Shoes” “Missing Pieces,” “Read the Fine Print”

  Episode 107: The Haircut

Taylor’s wife wants him to get a haircut, but he’s been afraid of them since he was a kid. Juliette gives everyone in the attic a hair cut, showing Taylor that a person can look good with any sort of haircut. This helps Taylor conquer his fears and become comfortable with they way he looks.

Featured Songs: “I Want My Hair Back, I Don’t Want Back Hair,” “The Best Hair Is Big Hair,” “Born To Be Styled”

  Episode 108: Night Sky

Taylor comes up to the attic to investigate a strange noise and finds everyone using their favorite electrical appliances. When the power goes out, Taylor takes his friends to the roof where they take turns looking through an old telescope. Taylor tells them about all of the planets and shares his love of space.

Featured Songs: Plug Me In,” “Turn Out The Lights” The Truth Doesn’t Seem That Far Away”

  Episode 109: Birds in the Attic

Two birds named Rock and Roll visit the attic and help the gang form a band. They show them how to use their talents to write a song. Then, everyone learns to work as a team to make some really rockin’ music.

Featured Songs: “Blackbirds Rock,” “I Wouldn’t Want To Live Here,” “We’re Taylor’s Attic Band”

  Episode 110: Positively Cold

When the heat in the house isn’t working and everyone is cold, Taylor teaches them how to be positive, even when things are hard. Everyone works together to come up with ways to stay warm, like moving around, playing games, and dancing. In the end, they all realize that a positive attitude and some imagination goes a long way to solving a problem.

Featured Songs: “The Freezing Attic Blues,” “Stayin’ Warm,” “When The Heat Comes On”

  Episode 111: Happy Attic Day

When Taylor brings a box of holiday decorations up to the attic, everyone learns why people celebrate holidays and how each celebration is important. Taylor then decides to create a new holiday called “Attic Day.” Everyone uses their imaginations to come up with creative ways to celebrate this special day.

Featured Songs: “Send A Card,” “Every Day Needs A Holiday,” “Happy Attic Day”

  Episode 112: Taylor's Home Movies Vol. 1

Taylor and the puppets reminisce about the good times they had in the attic.

  Episode 113: Taylor's Home Movies Vol. 2

Taylor and the puppets watch their old music videos and vote on their favorite ones.

Season Two

  Episode 201: It's Just the Weather

Paco is excited to learn he has won the rainy day pizza contest, until he has to brave a thunderstorm to pick up his prize. Taylor and the gang rally around him to teach him that lightning isn’t frightening, and that stormy weather can be fun.

Featured Songs: “Lightning is Frightening,” “It’s Just the Weather,” “Clouds”

  Episode 202: Don't Be a Bully

Stella the news cat finds trouble while covering the bully convention. Sumo and Taylor show her good ways to deal with bullies and everyone realizes that it’s bad to be a bully, but it’s good to be a buddy.

Featured Songs: “500 Pound Rocco,” “It’s Bad to be a Bully,” “Knock Knock”

  Episode 203: The Talent Show

Taylor and the puppets decide to have a talent show, but Sumo doesn’t know what to do. So Taylor and the gang teach him that everyone can do something special, you just have to find your talent. Blackbirds Rock and Roll return to the attic to be celebrity judges for “The Attic’s Got Talent.”

Featured Songs: “I Can’t do Anything,” “Hey Sumo Watch This,” “Everybody Has a Talent”

  Episode 204: I'm a Puppet Too

The puppets become frustrated when Taylor puts off fixing things in the attic. When he falls asleep and dreams he is a puppet, he begins to realize that things don’t always look the same from different perspectives and that it’s important to take responsibility for the things you say you’re going to do.

Featured Songs: “When I Get Around to it,” “I’m a Puppet Too,” “Responsibility”

  Episode 205: Stella's Documentary

Everyone sits down to watch Stella’s documentary on friendship, “Hands Across the Attic.” As they talk about all the things that good friends do together and for each other, they learn that the most important part of friendship is to tell your friends how much you appreciate them.

Featured Songs: “I’m a Lean Mean Cleaning Machine,” “I Dig Digging in the Garden,” “Hands Across the Attic”

  Episode 206: Pig Franklin

When Paco talks of becoming a famous sports star, Taylor tells him about a real American hero, Ben Franklin. After falling asleep, Paco dreams he is Pig Franklin and discovers that helping people can be more rewarding than being famous or making lots of money.

Featured Songs: “I Want to be a Hero,” “Thank Ben Franklin,” “He Had a Saying”

  Episode 207: Thinking Inside Out

When the attic roof starts to leak, Taylor and the puppets learn to turn their thinking inside out. By inventing their own unique and creative solutions, the gang works together to fix the drips.

Featured Songs: “Turn Your Thinking Inside Out,” “Dripsville Dude,” “But Wait, There’s More”

  Episode 208: President of the Attic

In order to help solve disagreements in the attic, the puppets decide to hold an election for president. Rocco and Juliette run for the position while learning what it means to make promises and handle responsibility.

Featured Songs: “Not Me,” “Trust Me,” “Pick Me”

  Episode 209: Dusty's Bad Dream

When Dusty is afraid to sleep because of a bad dream, Taylor and the gang help him face his fears. Everyone shares how they stopped their own bad dreams and Dusty learns that scary dreams can’t hurt him.

Featured Songs: “I Must Be Dreaming,” “There’s a Frog In My Throat,” “Put a Lid on It”

  Episode 210: The Family Reunion

After returning from his family reunion, Taylor and the puppets talk about their own unique family histories. When they learn that Stella doesn’t have a family, they teach her that you don’t have to look like your family – your friends can be your family too!

Featured Songs: “I’ll Be Right Down Honey,” “You Can Be My Family,” “I Have Three Families”

  Episode 211: Sumo Claus

It’s Christmastime in the attic, and the puppets teach Rocco what the Christmas spirit is all about. But when Santa is spotted near the attic, the gang wonders if Santa might actually be one of their own.

Featured Songs: “Anything Can Be A Christmas Tree,” “Santa’s Stuck in Our Chimney,” “C’Mon Everybody, Have a Merry Christmas”

  Episode 212: Taylor's Home Movies Vol. 2

Taylor and the puppets head to the theater to watch their home movies.

  Episode 213: Taylor's Music Videos Vol. 2

Taylor and the puppets watch their favorite music videos while they take a trip in the family van.