About Taylor's Attic

Taylor’s Victorian style attic is crowded with years of clutter and is home to his extended family of imaginative puppets. It is within this over-populated storage space that fun, learning, and hilarity ensue. Meet the politically charged family of mice, and Dr. Dish - the scientific professor with a penchant for Hollywood gossip. Then there’s Rocco the sun-loving Roach, and Juliette, the attic’s lovable diva. Driven to the attic for various reasons, Taylor often finds himself the referee in this three-ring circus. Part teacher, mediator and student, Taylor learns that having an attic full of puppets is a full time job. Whether he sings a song with the old piano, imparts a history lesson with his old TV, or takes a trip through the magical mirror, Taylor’s humor turns Taylor’s Attic into a lesson-filled adventure, one joke at a time.