Welcome to Taylor's Attic

Taylor's Attic is an entertaining, fun-filled, family television program. This delightful new show features Taylor Mason and his
one-of-a-kind puppet sidekicks. Taylor is the audience's guide into his Victorian style attic where the puppets are real and there’s
always an adventure waiting to happen.

The Taylor's Attic cast of characters include Sumo, the lovable, larger-than-life professional Sumo wrestler and French Fry expert.
Then there's Rocco, the purple and yellow, sunglasses wearing, piano-playing roach. Juliette, with her illusions of grandeur, is the diva
of the attic and a self-proclaimed shoe fanatic. Gentle and intelligent, Paco the pig has a healthy fear of Bar-B-Q, while Dusty, a
character formed from dust on the attic floor, has a sweeping fear of all cleaning products. In Taylor's Attic, you’ll meet Dr. Dish, the
attic's source for movie trivia. And then there are the Mice – talkative, friendly and highly opinionated. And finally, there's Romeo, the smart-alec, Mannequin-American activist who closes each show with Taylor by telling the audience what he’s learned (or not learned!).

Audiences will be treated to loads of laughs, music, adventures, and even some life lessons along the way. So come to Taylor's Attic and join in all the fun!